So this morning 05:30 came around again!

My head on the pillow as I count to ten. Trying to focus on this counting technique, it all seem too much at this time of day. Maybe turn over and it will go away. 
Turn over… you say! What a great idea.  
How’s this gonna work, my subconscious I hear. No meds for 8 hours, I would stay clear! 
Oh, how hard can it be says the macho in me! Move over my subconscious friend let me try and be, the one who turns over in bed on the count of 3! 
And I start at 1 with a planned go on 3.
1…2…3 comes and goes and no movement I make. The only thing happened was I’ve started to shake. 
The mind now awake no fuel in the tank. I just lay in my bed as stiff as a plank. 
That bloody subconscious was right once again. 12 years next month we’ve played this game. every morning he comes along to join in but by now he should know that I don’t let him win!

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  1. Linda Hart

    Lovely Clare and tells it how it really is. Turning over in bed – so easy for most of us but oh dear it’s another story where Parkinsons is involved.

    Keep strong and safe Clare😍

    1. Clare

      Thanks Linda and George xx

  2. Dani's Mum.

    We should spend the night together. Your Parky and my Arthur would make great companions and maybe let us get some sleep.

    1. Clare

      Sounds like a plan 🥰

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