Be thankful

Thinking about the year Ive just had, I can honestly say it wasn’t half bad.

It started out in a bit of a muddle. A new nursing venture and I thought I would struggle

A new matron I met who helped guide me through,  my new nursing journey, the weeks they just few.

I feel proud to this day about this adventure.  A move I felt sure would knock me for six. Gave me the courage to get a new nursing fix. 

With family we took our first little break. A week of relaxing with the kids by the river. No WiFi or internet oh what a winner!

We stumble across two feathery friends Flo and Fred we named the swan couple. 3 eggs in the nest when we arrived. We checked everyday over the course of our stay thinking the family would grow bigger one day! 

Our dear Janet was very poorly this year. She lost her battle and that was our fear. We think of her often and this Christmas we shall.  Raise a glass and remember how, she had us in stitches with things she would say…..By god she was funny and had her own little way. Of telling a story, with swear words a plenty. She turned back to smile as she heads for the door, her coat she would grab as she smoked just one more. 
Then came a new nursing job for the taking. A brave step, well jump was the move I was making. I feel privileged to work in a team who share, a passion and drive to provide excellent care.
In June I attended the world Parkinson’s Congress. A trip to Japan I was honoured to take a whole bunch of friends on the journey I would make. I can’t believe I was so lucky to go to Kyoto in Japan I can say no more..!

My poster displayed for the world to see. A day in the life of…… people with PD just like me! 

We sang karaoke in a Japanese bar, fuelled with saki a horrible drink. This softened our vocal cords and this did make us think we could dance on the tables and knock out a tune…. don’t give up your day jobs my friends anytime soon! 

A trip to Scotland was then on the cards. A house on the beach a room with view. You could even see the sea when having a pee. A walk on the beach everyday we would take collecting the sea glass washed up on the shore. The nicest part of my day by far the sea the sand, the wind in my hair I looked like side show Bob and I didn’t care!! 
There are many more stories to share. Trips with friends and laughs a plenty. Tramlines and Weller to name but a few a year packed with memories I’ve made with you. 

As the end of the year now draws near. Let’s raise a glass with a big cheer

As we reflect on the year that’s just passed us by, another year gone in the blink of an eye 

Be good to the people who care the most. Tell them you love them and hug them real close. 

With joy in our hearts and food in our bellies. Let’s gather at 3 to watch the queen on our tellys! 


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  1. Linda

    Aw Clare – lovely words & memories of your past year. So what will the New Year bring? Peace, love and happiness I wish for all of us.
    Love Linda & George xx

    1. Clare


  2. Beccy

    Fabulous, talented lady ❤️

    1. Clare


  3. Tracey

    Fabulous as usual! Merry Xmas and have a wonderful New Year! Tx

    1. Clare


  4. Nat


    1. Clare


  5. Christine Donnelly

    It’s never a crime
    Being bad at rhyme
    But your story told
    Has rendered me bold.
    Your year has been stuffed
    You’re obviously chuffed
    You took on the fight
    Showing others the light.
    You learned how to share
    Our Nurse Curly Clare!!

    1. Clare


  6. Debbie

    Wonderful ❤️😃❤️

    1. Clare


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