Back to the future

This PD gets you thinking about time and space and will I have enough energy to win the race!

Who knows and who cares about this fact, the future is mapped out and that’s just that.

What will be will be…just ain’t me. I’m inquisitive to find out and see, what the future has in store for me.

Although I don’t own a crystal ball. I often wonder how things will be, in years to come and what I will see, as I look into the future with me and PD!

I wonder if I can turn back time, I’m thinking of asking Michael J Fox if he can just throw me a quick life line?!

I wonder if I could find him on twitter? explain my story cus I’m no quitter. Tell him about my journey so far. And if I can borrow his really fast car. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that goes back to the future real fast. We could join forces and take on this task, surely it’s not too much to ask.

In the 21st century anything is possibly.. a time machine called the DeLorean. Are you in? I would say. Of course, he replies. Just give me a minute I will be right back, I just need to get two hoverboards from off the rack!!

Hoverboards- what the hell, I can’t even walk some days that well. My balance is shot, I’m not even sure this type of transport is good for me, it really isn’t my cup of tea!

Put on your shoes, as we head for the door. You know the ones-where the laces just tie themselves, right in front of our faces!

Collecting Doc as we turned back the clock. What year shall we go as he slams down the door. 2008 ……can you tell me some more?

Now from behind the wheel I can see whats waiting ahead of me. Although it’s quiet scary for all to see and I have no idea what could be. Let’s kick down the door and give it a go. Take your time on this journey and try to go slow.

Hold on just a minute before we depart. I can’t go back to the future, Doc, I don’t have the heart…everything else in my life is so good, there is just one thing that’s so misunderstood.

Misunderstood it is for sure, each day it comes knocking at my front door. I’m hopeful one day we will find a cure. To kick it back into time and space, eradicate it from the human race.

But let’s just get our story straight I’m not going back to 2008! I want live the best life I can right here and now, even if I don’t know how.

So thanks for the offer of your time machine. I will give it a miss and stay in 2019. Who knows what’s around the corner for me. I’m gonna hold on tight, wait to see what my future has in store for me.


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  1. Linda Hart

    Clare, it’s brilliant. Full of positivity and some words that pulled on my heart strings as I travel with George on his personal journey with PD. Love to you
    Linda & George xx

    1. Clare


  2. Rebecca

    That is so heart warming. I admire your creativity, enthusiasm and positivity. Love ya loads!
    From Rebecca. 😘 x x

    1. Clare

      😘 love ya. I would be nowhere without friends like you

  3. Justine

    A brilliant, heart warming and funny blog. Fabulous Clare xx

    1. Clare


  4. Sue burrows

    💑 love from Dave and mexxxx

    1. Clare


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