Boxing started on Saturday morning.
Around 10am when most people are yawning!

I was nervous about this new zoom event.
I clicked on the link that Charles had sent.

I set myself up in fighting stance.
I was ready for action and I took a chance.

I threw my first punch with my arm stretched out long.
I tried very hard to keep my core strong.

The coordination was hard between mind and body.
I found moving my feet I was a little bit shoddy.

How can this be so difficult for me?
I have a thing that is called PD.

The brain has lost some connectivity.
It needs some more dopamine to do this activity.

I carry on in the class with a smile on face
I’m determined that I will win this race.

I punch now with passion in every direction.
I’ve heard that boxing offers some neuro protection

Sweat was now dripping from under my glasses.
I hadn’t worked this hard in previous classes.

The guys in my class all had one thing in common.
A long term condition that can’t be forgotten

I can tell you right now we are taking this down
I’m not sure what round a cure will be found!

But when that bell rings and PD is no more
It won’t be me laying on the boxing ring floor.

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  1. Dani's Mum.

    Round one!!

    1. Clare

      I hope so 🥊

  2. Les

    One word ‘excellent ‘

    1. Clare

      Thank you. 😊

  3. Caroline

    Very good Clare – see you on Zoom soon!

    1. Clare

      Thank you- see you soon

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