The morning started buying brackets and bits.

We then visited Starbucks for our coffee kicks.

Another trip was then to Wicks, to buy some other DYI bits, that would fix a bench together in my shed, so I could be my usual crafty head.

My friend was then having a coffee morning, to raise some cash to help stop cancer from calling. This is important for me you see, because people around are suffering from the Big C.

We need to turn this big C upside down and make the condition the one wearing the frown.

I have a friend at the minute who is going through this. She is determined each day and that makes me say, “no matter what shit gets throws your way, you are strong and brave a beautiful lady”. You think about others without hesitation and even now with all that is happening you take time to ask me how I am doing? I thank you for showing me that you care, I can’t tell you how much a message can mean at the end of a day when things don’t always seem, to fall into place so easily. So slap on your red lipstick and smile, you are gonna kick it’s arse with decorum and style. I have your back, like so many that follow, the journey you take and the huge steps that you make. Those steps will get bigger and the C wont keep up, you can win this shit race so please don’t give up.

My friends came to collect me and cake was now calling. The coffee morning was a time when we would gather at the Robinson’s house for a good old natter. Coffee was served in china cups. Games were played like hucking a duck!

I loved the occasion each year I would spend time with dear friends just laughing and joking. The hours would fly by and story were told. I love a good story and natter, you have to drag me away from this kind of chatter.

I returned home to find, the husband had used the brackets to make, a shelving unit so I can take my crafts and crap into the shed to stay. To carrying on crafting out of everyone’s way.

He was now painting the floor, whilst I just nipped home to say, Leighton did I mention I have another catch up to do I’m off to see Suzanne Hallam at around 2!

A little cheeky chap I had the pleasure to see. Ted was his name and pointing was his game. Feeding me buttons was a fun thing to do. Did this little boy not realise I was filled up with cake and about to spew….

His face filled with smile as he played with his toys, Suzanne and I talked whilst peppa pig made a noise.

I returned home to find the shed looking great. The husband was resting his back about to break. From upstairs I could hear some more laughter, this time it’s Will watching some YouTube prank fail. It’s nice coming home to the family who care a house filled with people who make my heart happy a husband a son and a dog that is wappy.

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  1. Lauren Arnold

    You fit a lot in lady.
    The c is close to my heart. I really hope your friend wins x

    1. Clare


  2. Sarah

    That made me smile, you lovely curly girly!! 😁😁. I have a picture from you lovely collection for the wedding, will take a pic and send to you for the price.
    Off next week but need to get your lovely crafts back to you. Tell me where to find you at work and I can bring when I am back, if you need them before I can meet you this Monday
    Keep blogging, you are doing a great job my darling.💗💗💗.xxxx

    1. Clare


  3. Suzanne

    I made the blog, I’m practically famous! Love you curly girly! Xx

    1. Clare

      Without you guys I wouldn’t have stories to tell xx

  4. Jan

    Love it, you keep my chuckle muscles working 😂

    1. Clare


  5. Christine Donnelly

    Love you so much Curly C.

    1. Clare


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