So the excitement of time off work and spending some quality down time with the husband, son and the hound is just around the corner.

You count down the time until this joyous day arrives.

You prepare mentally and write lists of what you need (well I do).

You make sure everything is in order. From washing, ironing, painting toe nails, packing! Then it happens again…. the iron is still hot from its full on action. You are chucking things from the huge ironing pile that haven’t seen daylight for years…! “Should I take this” you shout? “I’ve never seen that before” is the reply. “I wore it in Spain, remember?” “What 5 years ago!” Exactly!! Why on earth do you need these items…that 1. You physically can’t get in! 2. You haven’t worn for years (5 to be precise) 3. You possibly never did like it in the first place!

The packing continues. One suitcase between us. Only my 14 year old could fill that with just trainers. The case is full-bursting!

The dog has a new bed. Comfy for the car journey. Never mind the adults who are squashed to make room for the luxury dog bed.

We have enough food for weeks! I remember the conversations from previous holidays. Let’s not over pack next time. I’m sorry, but I think I’ve done it again.., or as Britney Spears would say “ooops I did it again” I have Gin. Phew I’m gonna need it.

All this joking aside, prior to my Parkinson’s I honestly didn’t have a care in the world. It’s hard to know if things are related. Or if some of the worry and anxiety that comes along with happy events like holidays gets worse with age and responsibilities. I can remember a time when I would pack at the last minute. Ibiza bank holiday weekend 18 years ago was one of those events. Thanks for the memories.

All this aside it makes me a little stressed and a little anxious but under no circumstances is it gonna stop me doing things I love with the people I love.

It’s not game over, it’s game on!

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  1. Dani Every

    I pack like that normally. Packing is my favourite bit. Yes I too take items I will never wear and wonder why I thought it was a great idea at the time. 😁 Pack for all weathers and enjoy family time. These are times to make and remember. Have a blast. X❀

    1. Clare


  2. Lyn Fieldsend

    Hahaha So true Clare don’t intend to do it but we always do .. have a great holiday with your lovely boys enjoy sweetheart go for it xxx 😎🌞😎🌞😎

    1. Clare


  3. Linda Hart

    Such a funny read Clare πŸ˜‚ Have a great time & remember whatever you’ve forgotten you can always nip to a shop & buy it. Have a great time xx

    1. Clare

      Too right Linda x

  4. Natalie

    You missed out the annual shaving of legs! Lol never mind painting toe nails! πŸ˜‚

    1. Clare


  5. Chris Donnelly

    Our holiday packing is on the day. I find equal hot and cold clothes and one decent pair of shoes, one pair of plimsolls and one pair of sandals. Gavin always packs some nice trousers and never wears anything but shorts. I always take my tartan fleecy blanket. Great for picnics on the beach or snuggling on the sofa when it’s cold. Have a great time and send pictures.

    1. Clare


  6. Suzanne

    I actually took a top away this time that I haven’t worn for years and decided I liked it again so it’s always worth saving! As for the stress and anxiety that’s defo an age thing I write lists for weeks and go through everything in my head numerous times! Doesn’t matter if you have packed too much it’s good to be prepared. Enjoy my dear xx

    1. Clare


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