I go travelling…

In less than I week I will go travelling, a flight I shall take with some friends I have made.
Our journey will start at the airport that day with cases and posters as we head on our way.
Our hearts filled with pride as we gather to ride that big bird in the sky together we fly. 
The story began just a few months ago with a group of people I didn’t really know. 
We submitted our ideas to the world Parkinson’s congress only to find out that we had won, the opportunity to present our posters in the sun….. ! you never would guess where we would travel, Japan we would stay, what a fantastic opportunity you would say! To Kyoto we will go to put on our show, our posters displayed in a massive conference hall, wow!! I was thinking and couldn’t get my breath! I was lost for words.. and you know me, this really doesn’t come easily!

What a brilliant adventure it’s going to be.
Hours have been spent preparing ideas to capture the audience and displace some fears, some fears that seem to come and go with the statement “I’ve got Parkinson’s disease” I’m sorry I didn’t know! Together we can ask the question to others, what do you see when you look at me? A person who takes everyday in their stride. People who achieve great things you can see within my poster these are real people just like you and me. They are Parkinson’s people and I’m proud to say, they fight this condition each and every day.
This leaves only one thing left for me to do, to get on that plane and get to Japan! Showing the world that we really can, put on a great fight despite this condition this sheffield lass is on mission.

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