Mother’s Day

Mothers day I hear you you say….
The sun is shining on this special day

Let’s celebrate with a big hooray!
The things they do, the things they say.

They dance in the car taking you to school.
You look away because they are so uncool!

I want you to remember the things that we see
The memories we make, are for you and me.

The songs they sing forgetting all the words, this songs my favourite they instantly cry!

You always say that is your reply…..
But I can see that glimmer in your eye,

shaking your head from side to side but inside your smiling and you can’t hide.

The fact that this women who’s right by your side…….Is loving and strong and comes along for the ride!

She will pick you up when your luck is down
But don’t forget to fix her crown

The crown she wear so secretly, the one that slips occasionally.

Like when she doesn’t always get it right but she never gives up the fight

Her words are wise, her advise is free and that’s the way it will always be

So go and make her a cup of tea and throw your arms round her for the whole world to see

The queen in the crown with her cuppa tea…. Will always be known as my MUM to me.

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