What a week it’s been

I think I need to come clean.

Monday came around again

The start of the week was upon me and then, before I knew it, in the blink of an eye another week has just passed by

This week I spent two days on a course. Surrounded by people who care the most, about a condition that I’m passionate about. You know the one, I’ve spoke before, the one that came knocking on my door!

The uninvited guest, who pulled up a chair about 11 years ago, I’ve tried my best to show him the door. The key is lost on this occasion for sure. No amount of pushing and shoving will knock him through that bloody opening with a view.

I think that means he’s here to stay, something tells me he ain’t going away. So with that in mind lets crack on and say what can we do to keep the P at bay

Let’s go back to the course this week, I’m going to give you a sneaky peak. Inside the minds of the doctors who speak about a condition I eat, breath and sleep.

We had to do some clinical test, these are the skills I love the best. The finger taps we have all seen before and stomping your heels very fast on the floor. The funny thing is I was being assessed by a lovely young doctor who was trying her best, to check for the signs you often see in someone suffering with PD. What she didn’t realise throughout her quest was that the someone with PD was really me! I do have stiffness and rigidity, however today it wasn’t plain to see. Give me an hour I could be a stiff as a board for all to see. On this occasion it wasn’t the case. Let’s just say i was a saved from grace. Later that evening I did declare my condition to her as we share a laugh about, I really did catch her out!

The two days were pack with information from experts. Talking at length about this condition. The shaking palsy……. is the name it was previously given. As time has moved on one thing is for sure, it’s complex and multifaceted this is true, but we still scratch our head about what to do, with lots of dimensions still left to explore. I’m not sure we will ever brake down the door and find what we all need and that is a cure.

The last session really hit home for me. The chances of dementia with PD. From the rise in these number it was plain to see this was quite possibly on the agenda for me. Not one to be broken at this early stage. I listen intensely as Ross carried on. He talked about the different types of PD, with a tremor dominant form of PD I could easily see my chances of dementia had reduced significantly.

I raised a smile and continued my notes. Inside I felt a huge rush of pride. I’ve got this far I’m not gonna hide, I’m gonna share the information I’ve learnt over the years with people around me to reduce their fears. With knowledge comes understanding and that is key to helping others just like me.

With research and passion we can keep fighting on. To possibly end where the story began. A long time ago is what we shall say a thing of the past is what we shall pray. The shaking palsy……what’s that they will ask? It’s a thing long gone kidda that’s for sure as I stand smiling, shaking no more.

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  1. Dave B

    Ah Claire I love it ❤️

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    Aww, Clara. You really are a true inspiration. Luv ya loads. 😘 x x

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