Scotland you have been a blast, you blew the cobwebs from this bonnie lass.

Memories, I have made a few, whist sitting in the window from a house with the beach view.

With all in attendance and and no work for week. We took ourself of each morning to seek, a new adventure, we would find, a few miles we would travel from mankind.

St Andrews. A historic town with pretty orange flower everywhere around. The orange you could see, was like the early morning sun rising above the sea.

We walked around the university, making jokes and saying “Prince William and Kate studied here young Will, knuckle down and you could be, in with a chance for you to see, where they once sat to get their honours degree!”

Anstruther was next on our visits to make . A small trip to a fishing village we would take. With boats a plenty, all moored in the harbour and peacefully swaying. It was very windy that’s all I’m saying!

A lighthouse with workers all busy attending, the boats to set sail would be safe just by knowing, the light in the lighthouse was safe and a glowing.

We ate fish and chips from a box on a bench, the best fish in town the locals would cry, well I couldn’t wait to give them a try. I can honestly say the fish was just fine, it taste like I had caught it fresh off the line.

Next on our list was a place called Elie. It was cold round your chops as it blew a hoolie.

We walked on the beach all laughing and smiling, My hair was a mess and I couldn’t see! Oye, what’s that over there, I pointed with glee, my finger pointing in the direction of the sea, I think it’s the Nessie?! We might be in Scotland but I canny see, that sea creature of historical mythology.

Around 3 we would go to the pub in the village. Just for an hour before we would venture on our next beach adventure, searching for sea glass and driftwood a shore. I have a collection of items, which I adore.

I loved this part of my day as we spent, quality time with each other, the way holidays should be- me, thee, Will and a dog called Roly.

So, onward we travel on our car journey. Homeward bound after our sightseeing adventure. One that’s gonna stick with me, just another beautiful encounter with my family

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  1. Linda Hart

    🤣 made me laugh. What a great time you’ve had and you’re right, family holidays are the best ❤️

    1. Clare

      They certainly are 😍

  2. Nat

    That wickle pup tho😍

    1. Clare


  3. Lauren Arnold

    😀 brilliant

    1. Clare


  4. Jim

    That’s excellent Clare, took me on a journey through your words and photos.
    Very talented x

    1. Clare

      Thanks Jim x

  5. Catherine Bonnett

    Clare your so funny. Should have done this years ago. Well done 😊

    1. Clare


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