Technology and Parkinson’s

Well the day has arrived the new phone upgrade!

Although this day is one of joy and consideration it’s also a day of fear and anticipation, for all that is technical. It fills me with dread, anger and bewilderment. It comes around more frequently than you think and I’m never ever prepared or in the right frame of mind.

The guy in the shop tries to ease my anxiety. Talking me through the simple steps! Simple! Yeah right! This is like a trip to the moon…

It starts with you just do this, then go on there, tap that, reopen that! WHAT! I then get this sinking feeling and try and put on a brave face for the 14 year old who is having my phone- hand me down. I try and convince him, I know what I’m doing! I will have a look when I get home. Honestly, praying by that time a miracle will have happened!

Next I get to decided the colour of the new phone. Well, easy you think! Well you are wrong! Too many options and this lass is floored. I go for coral, nice change. First choice. Winner.

I arrive home with a list of instructions. Blown away with the amount of time this things take… is this normal?! No comment. 6 hours later, I’m thinking about processing and Parkinson’s. there was a time when situations like this would be a joy. Now I feel totally overwhelmed. No control, the only control is to get the job done. In the shortest amount of time possible. This latter comment is unachievable. So whilst I’m pairing apple watches, downloading apps, sending frantic text to individuals for help and support too overcome technical disasters. I realise I have a husband who patiently waits for his tea and think tea is going to be supper. Does he not realise the wife is on a tight schedule and must complete this mission. And a 14 year old who thinks I’m a phone genius.

I think I’ve cracked it with Spotify working, apps running, messages retrieved, phone numbers retrieved. Then, disaster strikes… twitter won’t let me log in. I can’t remember any sign on details…..! I laugh and think who needs twitter anyway! Answers on a postcard please 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  1. Natalie carter

    Who needs twitter.
    Love those blogs!! ❤️💕❤️💕

    1. Clare


  2. Natalie

    Genius! 😂

  3. Linda

    Hilarious 🤣❤️

  4. Michelle

    Miss you Claire. Always bring s smile to my face
    Bloody brilliant. You’ve truly found your calling lovely 😁Xx

    1. Clare

      I make myself laugh 😂

  5. Debbie

    Sounds like you did amazing! I hate technology think it’s an age thing, I’d happily throw it all in duck pond opposite my house. Pairing watch and phone genius!! I left that to Leah xx

    1. Clare


  6. Lauren Arnold


  7. Georgia

    Amazing 🤣 cant wait for the next one x

    1. Clare


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