Yoga they said, it will be fun they said!

All I could think of in my head was me trying to be quiet for over an hour… they must need their heads reading!!
Another thing that pass my thoughts was something the husband said. Don’t fart when you bend down to touch your toes!  Laughing I said touch my toes.. I don’t think so. Well not my first lesson, give me time and before you know it I will be bent double in a formation know as the downward dog sequence.
I went for my taster session. The class was small I had spent time speaking with the centre prior to the class. I told them about my side kick Parkie. How unpredictable It can be, how It can turn me into a shaking wreck and take me down when I least expect it. They were great. The room felt relaxed, warm and I was gonna give it my all. I was nervous, shaking.
We got to work. I listened to the instructor but more importantly I listened to my body. I didn’t stress about the uncontrollable tremor. I let it ride and take it on it’s first yoga journey.
My balance is rubbish I can fall over my shadow or someone else’s. It became clear that despite my poor balance and everything else going on in my body, I could clear my thoughts and enjoy the session.
I’m as stiff as a board I’m not gonna lie, these things don’t come easily. I took myself out of my comfort zone. It was a challenge. But I was determined to do this. I have aches and pains from holding myself ridged from the side kick! The pain in the arse, the uninvited visitor who decided to stick around. Well parkie your gonna be in for a shock because this lass ain’t gonna sit back and let you take over… so fella, ya better move over this time it’s me and thee and were doing YOGA.
To be continued….

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  1. Lauren Arnold

    Love your husband’s advice 😂 good on you Clare x

    1. Clare


  2. Linda Hart

    What a great idea for getting rid of wind 🤣. Seriously tho Clare what a great idea for keeping your body moving and relishing the peace and warmth of the room. Win, win situation. Xx

    1. Clare

      Totally agree x

  3. Catherine Gregory

    Hey Clare well done you!! I’m following yoga TX on you tube and it’s fab. Do it almost every day and like you I’m not bendy but hoping with time and work it can only help. Can’t hurt me thinks. Much lovely gorgeous girl. Xx

    1. Clare


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