A year ago…

She sat in the garden, sun on her face and desperado in hand. It was her 10th anniversary that’s all I can say. Wow, next month it will be a year to the day. what will she do? Well let’s a have think. Most likely a drink is on the agenda, I think. She will celebrate in style, by raising a bottle of desperado and prying that progress will happen. In the field of neurology where Parkinson’s disease is studied. We need a breakthrough in this field you see, because I’m not alone, there isn’t just me.

A little poem was unveiled on that summers day about a yorkshire lass who went on to say…..It’s tough sometimes getting through the day, with pain and stiffness that won’t go away. People said she was brave and strong. But She struggled inside, trying to hide, from something she wished would piss off and hide, under a bush or anywhere beside taking hold of her body in which it currently resides.

Yeah it’s still here, you can guess from my tone. That I’m not happy and wish it would just leave me alone. I think now I’ve realised this ain’t gonna happen. But this fight I continue with elegance and grace. I promise you one thing I will win this race!

The last 11 years have shown me that things are very possible. From experiencing life a person can blossom and into a flower they will grown, who knows where life will take them on their own magic show. It’s magic because it’s theirs for the taking. So grab it with both hands and don’t let it pass by because I promise you this, I’m not gonna lie. I get it it’s tough but within a blink of an eye, it’s gone forever and your gonna miss it. therefore I would much rather give it the finger and tell it to kiss it!

No regrets is what motivates me through. Those dark days that raise their head are now few. My days are surrounded by people who care a new chapter can be started if one chooses to dare. A new chapter I’ve started just a few weeks ago. It’s the start of a journey with a long way to go. The team are so happy and motivate me. this gives me hope that between us we can make everything happen, even Japan! I thank you for taking me under your wing I promise you one thing I’m not going to sing! Out loud in the office with my dulcet tones, how would anyone concentrate answering the phones!!

With Sally on board I know I can do whatever it takes to see things through. We will nail our next project that is for sure. With a mic drop I’m out of here, then show me the door! 
Clare has the experience which only comes with many years, she loves her job dearly and this you can tell, her desk is a mess but then what the hell!
Nats maybe little but she ain’t gonna hide, with her caring approach and her passion inside. Next there is Georgia a mummy to be. She will be back very soon to our team PD. We miss you but please do not hurry those babies need you right now and try not to worry. Alyson is caring and is often found sharing her knowledge with patients who call on the phone, reassurance she gives them from the comfort of their home. Debs has retired we miss her dearly, It only been one week, but I can see clearly the support you offered the team was inspiring. A hole you have left in team who are trying to offer their best for their patients they see, and boy what a team we will eventually be.
Well this is our team in a nutshell you see what a positive affect they are having on me. So please take a bow each and every one of you. Thank you again for making anything possible


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  1. Linda fieldsend

    Lovely words CIares a beautiful girl inside and out keep going everyone for a good course xx

    1. Clare

      Thank you Linda x

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