Next month another year has passed me by, a PD birthday in June will see, my 12th year anniversary! 

12 years I think and give a sigh…. I’m passed the stage of wondering why, this thing came along and decided to stay, to take over my mind and body each day.

I realised one thing along the way, that getting cross won’t make it go away. 

I’m stronger than I think and braver than I feel but this thing that takes over is very real. 

Im still waiting for Ray and her scientific team to find a solution to this crazy dream. 

To bring a cure to help me flee this monster that is called PD.

This monster comes and takes away, a little piece of me each day. I wish it would just turnaround, then walk away without a sound. I don’t need a goodbye from you today, so piss off and go on your merry way! 

I decided long ago, to stop feeling blue and get on with the show. The show is life, Let’s take a chance and live each day like it is our last dance. 

Some days it’s easy for me to be, the Clare that’s is happy and carefree. I don’t let it change me or the person I strive to be. But this monster doesn’t care about it prey, it’s willing to take it all away.  

I pretend I’m fighting in a boxing ring, all I can hear is the crowd sing. The voices echo in my ear….. you can do this they all cheer!! 

Not wanting to let them down, I punch the monster to the ground….1…..2…..3! Says the referee in me. I’ve done it once again I say. I live to fight another day.

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  1. Gemma

    💜you do a fab job of staying positive lovely. Dont think anyone would blame you for having angry, sad days. We all do, and you have more reasons than most💜

    1. Clare

      I have the best people around me 😍

  2. Clare

    That monster aint going to beat you! You continue to be the Clare we know and love and you make me smile everyday. Xxx

    1. Clare

      I make myself smile! ❤️

  3. Rebecca

    Keep staying positive and keep fighting that ‘Monster’ all the way Clara!
    Love ya loads. 😘

    1. Clare

      Love ya loads 😘

  4. Leo Forde

    You’re inspirational Claire. Keep being Claire.

    1. Clare


  5. John Roche

    Keep fighting the little shit of a condition Clare – the day will come when we can kick its arse

    1. Clare

      I hope so 🙏🏻

  6. Dave B

    Keep Fighting and Keep Smiling you x x

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